5 years ago, Google introduced “Google My Business” to help local businesses connect with the people who are looking for them. If you have a local business, setting up a GoogleMyBusiness profile is quintessential from an SEO viewpoint. Google my business have been giving prominent results to businesses in terms of interaction with the audience & transacting with them. 

When people search for “coffee shops at night” or “liquor shops with butterbeer near me”, they are looking for more than just information. It can be booking and maybe looking for offers that the store has for them. According to Google Stats, It enables three billion direct connections between the users and the merchants. Also, There are around 3 million bookings per month through GoogleMYBusiness. The people participating in Local guides program have crossed 95 million now.

Google has been working hard on making this even better than before. Their main aim was to make the GoogleMyBusiness profiles much more unique & descriptive as the queries being used by the consumers. 

Google has rolled new updates for the same which can be divided into 2 major parts.

  1. Ability to create profiles with more customized optionsa.) Get yourself a shorten URL and name:- Now, you would be able to claim a short name and URL for your business. It would make easy for your customers to come back to check the latest updates, make a booking or even write a review after visiting. It would be just like having a Facebook business page, which would be a real big thing. Also, in coming months, You would be able to search for businesses on maps using short names.

    b.) Illustrate yourself with cover pictures:- I hope you haven’t forgotten Google+ just now because now you will be getting the facility to set cover picture for your local business. Go Ahead, show yourself off, Making it an exciting and unique appearance for your customer.

    c.) Identification by Logo:- For those who have completed their core information like phone numbers, hours, etc will have the ability to add an additional branding opportunity with logo feature. Their logo will be displayed at the right-hand side of their profile.

    d.) New Dynamic module with photo displays:- Now, The photos uploaded by you will be displayed in a new tab introduced by Google in your profile. Also, Photo captions are also coming which will let business tell the stories behind the pictures.
    Creating offline pictures for your business:- So, Now you would be able to create custom assets for your place like stickers to promote bookings, reviews & customer following. For this Google is launching this website.

  2. Your consumers would be able to follow you and get deals from you:- Though I should refrain myself from saying this, it feels like Google is just creating a place for business just like Facebook. By this, your customers would be able to follow you on Google and you can even send them welcome offers which can increase the interaction between you and your customers. Now, you have a great chance to get your customers as your following and make them from the first time to repetitive and loyal ones. 

    n a few words, GoogleMyBusiness has already been a great help for local business to develop and enhance their businesses. We have already seen people asking for a review for the GoogleMyBusiness pages, which would be much more important now. Google will also be displaying the top 5% business in a particular category with the “Local Favorite” designation. They are also working on giving digital as well as physical badges of honors.More detailed profiles would not only make it easier for the consumers to find businesses perfect for them but also will make the business stand out of the crowd and express their individuality.

    Well, That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more or just comment what are you expecting from us. Though we are not Google but we sure know to change things upside down. Keep Uppskilling.


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