Collaboration between  BigCommerce Marchant and Microsoft brings a new marketplace for Ads and listings.

The 9th  January Is a big day for both BigCommerce merchants and Microsoft. Both Microsoft and Bigcommerce marchant  collaboration for new marketplace for Ads and listings . Microsoft and big commerce working together to create a new marketplace for advertising and listing of products  in Microsoft Ads. I think it will create a great impact on the digital market industry which helps the company to reach their targeted and potential consumers .

BigCommerce and Microsoft Ads and listings now only work in US,UK,and ANZ.

This partnership gives the opportunity to permit Bigcommerce merchants to showcase their store  Directly reach to to potential customers through Microsoft advertisement and listing in US,UK,ANZ. According to them, they will expand their marketing in 2023.

According to Bigcommerce,With the help of ideal app integration like’ Microsoft ads and listing’ we can reach out our marchant throughout the world to reach billions of customers who want to grow their business.

How it will work on  Microsoft marketplace Ads and listing.

Microsoft and BigCommerce collaboration

  So it is for clients to reach out to a lot of new customers daily .According to the deal without leaving Bigcommerce’s control panel.

Bigcommerce merchants can display their product on Microsoft Ads and listings directly.

They can also create a shopping campaign of their product catalogs and monitor their campaign success .

It will easy for Bigcommerce merchant to  reach potential customer through Microsoft user.

Benefit of Microsoft And BigCommerce merchant collaboration

Fast audience reach

As we know Microsoft is a vast place to explore like Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Edge,MSN and partener such as yahoo! AOL.. Daily billions of searches are there. 

It will give them a big opportunity to reach more and more customers and ultimately save their money and time. At best it will generate traffic and grow your seals by optimizing product  listing in Microsoft ads. Microsoft ad and listing said they have more audience which can convert into new customers.

 Monitoring the campaign in Real time

 BigCommerce platforms give their merchant that power so they can advertise and list their product. Marchant can monitor and optimize their campaign performance in real time. They will get better customer support and dashboard experience for better results. The aim of this collaboration is to create more purchasing power and engage them with ads. Which gives them better results and adds new customers. Microsoft platform create new marketplace Ad and listing to convert it’s existence user to potential costumer. Microsoft and BigCommerce merchant collaboration bring big change in small as well as big industry. 

Sharon Gee,

vice president of revenue growth and general manager of omnichannel at BigCommerce said

‘Seamless partner app integrations like Microsoft Ads and Listings uplevel the value and opportunities that we can deliver to our merchants all over the world to reach millions of potential new customers searching across the Microsoft Advertising Network’’

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