Messenger introduced some new commands/shortcuts


Messaging in messenger is now getting a lot easier, messenger adds a new command system to help you supercharge your messaging efficiency with a simple command that adds fun to your messaging experience.

This new command system adds to notify everyone in a chat of an important announcement, express your feeling with the help of an emoticon, or want to pay money to friends. This new update makes messaging experience a lot more interesting and time-saving with just some keystrokes.

Now you can decide how and when to show up

Everyone knows that when you type “@” a person’s name shows up and you can tag that person in the chat, but what can you do if you want everyone to react to your thought or you want their attention for something? 

  • In messenger @everyone and  @silent shortcuts are available today, people using @everyone to notify everyone in the group and @silent to send a message without notification.
  • @everyone

    @everyone is good for group reminders and when you want everyone’s attention to grab or when you want everyone’s opinions on some topic


  • /silent 

    when you used this command members of your group will not receive any notification of your message( this command is also available on Instagram as @silent).


  • /pay

    This shortcut command is used for paying money to your friend or receiving money from them in one-on-one messenger chat this command makes money transfer easy with no extra charges, just type /pay to send and received the money – (coming soon to Android and iOS for US fans)


  • /gif

    when words can’t explain we use GIFs to express our feelings, just type /gif with your topic, and the gif option appear – (coming soon on iOS)


  • /shrug /tableflip

    sometimes gifs can’t express our feeling the way we want but compare to old-school text-based tableflip and shrug, typing this emote is not an easy task.

    people search emoticons online and copy-paste them but doing it every time is so frustrating. Now with this command just simply type /shrug or /tableflip to add your chosen emoticon to your message – (coming soon on iOS)


Only the first two of them are available in messenger, the rest of them are coming soon.


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