Finally, you have developed your mobile game. And it’s time to earn some money out of it. That’s how business work, right?

First of All, Kudos to your hard work. Making a mobile game and building a business on the top of it is a task totally next level. There are a lot of ways to market your game which we might be covering in some upcoming posts. In this one, we are about to discuss how Google new announcement about games ads can be much beneficial for you and as well as your customers. Hold your breath because this might be something you might be waiting for so long.

There are 4 major takeaways from Google’s announcement regarding “Grow your games business with ads”. These are basically enhancements which are implemented to make the current scenarios better for a company or a freelancer while running Google Ads for your mobile game.

1 – Pre – Registration Ads:- A successful launch can be very important and useful in kickstarting your product into user space. So, Now with preregistration Ads, you can actually build up a huge user base even before your product is being launched in the market. All the players who have signed up will receive a push notification in play once your game is launched.

These can very much effective in the case users are already your fan or basically, they are loving your work and having high intentions to be your loyal customer. Maybe, This can also make your game an instant success.

2 – Maximize conversions bidding: This announcement is majorly to maximize your installs within your budget. Optimizing your ads campaigns have always been a headache and Google’s Machine Learning is about to do that hard work for you with no additional costs. According to Google, “It uses advanced machine learning to automatically optimize bids and offers auction-time bidding capabilities that tailor bids for each and every auction.”

All you have to do is give them your budget and ad assets & set a goal and BOOM. It’s gonna automatically place the right ad at the right time. This feature is still in beta, you will have to talk to your Google Account Manager to sign up.

3 – App campaigns for engagement:- Time for a little hard fact, Let’s face it. More than 80% of your users move out of your game within the first 3 months. But wait, As they are already aware of your game(Thanks to point number 1), The next step in our funnel is the consideration that’s where we have to start again. It is such a golden opportunity to take your business back on the track by bringing those inactive players back and make them play again. That’s where App campaigns for engagement comes into play. It helps you to make your gamer to re-engage or re-consider to take action by relevant ads across different sites.

Last Empire - War Z gameplay

It could be to engage players to complete the tutorial or showing new features that have been added since a player’s last session. Basically, making it for the gamer very hard to resist.

4- Generate revenue from non-spending players:- Well, Indeed you acted smartly in the point number 3 and play different tactics to bring your customers back to your game and make them engage but remember the only retention isn’t good enough to generate revenue. According to Google data, “on average, less than four percent of players will ever spend on in-app items”. You might be thinking if I have users I might just run ads? Well, there are high chances that you might shoo away your potentials buyers too by irritating them with Ads.

ad model brochure

That’s where Google comes to your rescue. Using Behavioral machine learning to classify users into 2 groups based on their likability to spend on in-app purchases. People who are likely to spend will be shown no ads. You can try this out now by creating an interstitial ad unit with smart segmentation enabled.

This sums up all. This announcement might create a hike in the number on your budget sheet and might bring the ball in your court. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, Explore & implement them and share your success story with us.

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