Google March 2022 Product Reviews Update

The third edition of Google’s product reviews update, a search ranking algorithm update aimed at ranking product review-related information on the web that is most helpful and beneficial to searchers, has started moving out.

Google March 2022 Product Reviews Update

 The product reviews update was posted

  •       First on April 8, 2021,
  •       Second on December 1, 2021,
  •       Third on March 23, 2022(New)

Google March product update 

Here are the most important things that we know right now in short form:

  •  Name: Google March 2022 Product Reviews Update
  •  Launched: March 23, 2022 at around 12:00pm ET
  •  Rollout: It will take the next “couple of weeks “ to fully rollout
  •  Targets: It looks at product review content
  •  Penalty: According to Google, this isn’t a penalty for your material; rather, it’s a way of rewarding sites with more insightful review content with higher ranks than yours.
  • Not a core update: Many are going to say this is a core update, it is not.
  • English Language but will expand This modification may affect users who “write product reviews in any language” in the future, but Google said the first rollout will be limited to “English-language product reviews.
  •  Changes: “This will make it easier for us to get good buying advice in front of people, as well as reward creators who are really interested in helping,” Google’s Alan Kent noted.
  •  Impact: Google would not tell me what percentage of queries or searches were impacted by this update. According to Google, these types of product reviews will be prioritized in its search results ranks.
  • Discover: This update can impact your performance in Google Discover, Google previously said.
  • Recover: If you were hit by this, then you will need to look at your content and see if you can do better with Google’s advice below

Technically, this change should only affect the content of product reviews.

How you can optimize for this update:

  • Include facts on how a product performs or how it differs from prior versions, as well as other useful in-depth information, such as the pros or drawbacks of a given item.
  • Come from people who have used the products and can demonstrate what they’re like to use or how they’re used.
  • Include information that isn’t available from the maker, such as graphics, audio, or connections to other resources that detail the reviewer’s experience.
  • Explain how a product differs from its competitors or compares similar products.

Advice from the past by Google

“Google suggests that your product evaluations address these topics and provide answers to these inquiries. Do your product evaluations…

  • When is it appropriate to express professional product knowledge?
  • Show what the product looks like in person or how it’s utilized with content that’s not available from the manufacturer?
  • Provide quantitative data on how a product performs across several performance categories?
  • What distinguishes a product from its competitors?
  • Consider comparable products, or explain which products are ideal for specific uses or situations?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific product based on your research?
  •  Describe how a product has changed from prior models or versions in order to make enhancements, resolve issues, or otherwise assist users in making a purchasing decision?
  • Identify the product’s category’s key decision-making variables and how the product performs in those areas?
  • Beyond what the manufacturer states, describe major decisions in the design of a product and their impact on users.
  • To support your expertise and strengthen the credibility of your review, include proof such as photos, audio, or other connections from your own experience with the product.
  •  Include links to numerous sellers so that the reader can buy from the merchant of their choosing.

New advice by Google

For this third edition of the product reviews update, Google introduced three additional pieces of advice:

  • Are our ranking lists and comparative reviews affected by product review updates? Yes. All types of review content are affected by the product review modifications.
  • Is there any advice for reviews that recommend the “best” products? If you advocate a product as the greatest overall or for a specific purpose, make sure you tell the reader why you think it’s the best. What distinguishes this product from others on the market? What makes the product so well-suited to the task at hand? Make careful to offer first-hand proof to back up your claims.
  • Should I still write reviews for each product if I write reviews that cover numerous products? Writing a high-quality ranked list of related products in conjunction with in-depth single-product reviews for each recommended product can be quite useful. If you compose both, make sure the ranking list has enough relevant content to stand on its own.

Why should we be concerned? 

If you have product review information on your website, you should check your rankings to determine if you were affected. Is your Google organic traffic increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same?

Long term, you’ll want to make sure that you put a lot more thought and work into your product review content the future so that it is distinctive and sticks out from the crowd. 

Also, individuals who put in the effort after prior core updates may be rewarded by this March 2022 product reviews update.



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