If you are reading this right now, There are almost 100% chances that you have an account on Facebook. So, without any doubt, Facebook has got a lot of user data of its users which is being used in different sorts of ways of which possibly you are unaware of. Well, Due to all of these reasons, recently Facebook CEO Mr Mark Zuckerburg was in a lot of controversies. To eradicate such type of issues; In 2014, Facebook launched “Why am I seeing this?” for Ads shown to the users to know more about how their data is being utilized.

This is how you could understand how & why a particular ad is targeted to you. This provides you with your right to know about how your data is being used and shared with different companies. Also, how great marketing companies are targeting users.

So, Now Facebook is launching an upgrade to this “Why am I seeing this?” tool and introducing this to the posts as well which would mean that just like for Ads you would be able to see that why you are seeing a particular post which may be because you interacted with that group or you might be interacting with those sort of posts. The good part is that in this way you will be able to know how Facebook Algo works for News Feed. It is like you are not playing chess but you are allowed to watch the game. You can learn a lot by just watching.

In this announcement, Facebook also specified that you will be able to know which information has the largest influence on the order of posts in your News Feed like how often you interact with the posts from particular people, Pages or Groups, what kind of posts you.

interact the most like videos, photos or text-based & the popularity of the posts you have subscribed to.

Facebook also mentioned regarding people’s feedback which played an important role in amending different changes in the tool. By the feedback, they realized that solemnly algorithms is not enough, manual control & intervention is also required.

An upgrade to the Ads part is also announced in it. Till now, only factors like basic demographic details, interests and website visits were included as parameters for displaying Ads. Now, more detailed information like how a particular Advertisers list matches your facebook profile. For cases in which the advertisers upload their own data to target people based on their e-mail addresses or phone numbers. If you are one of them beware because now Facebook is no more going to hide these details from the audience or if the advertiser worked with another marketing partner to run the ad. By this announcement, this is very clear that Facebook is making a big commitment to giving people more context and control across Facebook and their data.

In long and short, This is absolutely great news for the audience that they are getting more and more ways to exercise their rights while this is certainly bad news for those who use ill techniques to advertise to the audience.

To learn more about it, don’t forget to watch this video, by Facebook.


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