Messenger has made some important feature announcements this year at F8 about the Facebook messenger. To help understand the value it is going to offer, we have divided these features into 2 categories.

  1. People
  2. People and Businesses

Messenger between People

2018 was an eventful year it has been for “Messenger for People”. It launched some awesome features that were well accepted by people.  

However, 2019 is expected to be better, and for messaging as Facebook is building an app that focuses on “Privacy Focused Social Networking”.

It is working towards making Messenger fast, private, interoperable across its other apps in FB eco-system and a space for close friends and family.

Today, People want their communication to be fast and robust so that they can download it in any conditions and on any device, and they want it reliable.

Here is how Messenger is planning to achieve it.

Facebook Eye

Project LightSpeed: Lighter, Faster Messenger

Later this year, Messenger will roll out a project, “LightSpeed” to its audience. LightSpeed will launch well under 2 seconds.

It is expected to be less than 30MB to install – against 100 MB current version of Messenger!

LightSpeed has been completely rebuilt from scratch and will add an improved, fresh dimension to the already existing Messenger.

Space for Close Friends and Family

What makes Messenger attractive to people is the connections they make –It is like a digital living room where people co-exist with each other.

To take it one step further, it is going to roll out a dedicated space for its users to easily find content from the friends and family they message most.

Messenger users will be able to communicate directly with Whatsapp and Instagram users within the app — whether in messages or video calls.

Messenger is also going to roll out two video products this year

Closer Connections with Video

It’s a no brainer that Video is becoming increasingly valuable for Messenger ecosystem.

As per the data, 41 crore people connect over video chat on Messenger each month and people are spending 2 Billion minutes per day on its video products.

To make sure these figures only improve, it is adding more ways to make it better and more accessible.

The best feature is that it will allow people to watch videos together at the same time on Messenger.

Anyone would be able to share videos from the Facebook app on Messenger and they could invite others to watch the video together in real time while messaging or on a video chat.

This feature is expected to launch globally later this year

Desktop App for Messenger

It is launching a desktop app for Messenger that is going to be available for both Windows and MacOS to allow people seamlessly message from any device.

People can download Messenger Desktop — and enjoy the same features as the app on the phone — like group video calls, collaborate on projects or multi-task while chatting in Messenger.

This feature is expected to launch globally later this year.

Messenger between People and Businesses ( F8 Facebook Messenger )

The tremendous growth of people-to-business messaging on Messenger has exceeded expectations in the last couple of years. As of today, There are over 40 million active businesses messaging people across the globe, and people and businesses are exchanging over 20 billion messages each month.

This update by F8 Facebook Messenger will create more human to human connection and lead to very good quality of leads.

Faster, lighter Messenger ( F8 Facebook Messenger )

As already mentioned above, Messenger has announced a lighter, faster version of Messenger.

With this next iteration of Messenger, it is app size under 30 MB. That’s going to help businesses communicate with more people.

New Business Solutions for the Messenger platform ( F8 Facebook Messenger )

Our personal favourite. Messenger is going to introduce a new set of solutions aimed to make it easier for businesses to generate leads, drive in-store traffic, and provide customer care.

These are plug-and-play solutions that any business can put to use and developers can improve upon.

Appointment Booking on Messenger ( F8 Facebook Messenger )

Appointment booking is the most common practice that people and businesses are already interacting on its platform, so they have built a feature that can be integrated with the calendaring system of a business to provide people with the most up-to-date appointment availability.

A reminder keeps the appointments handy for people and enables them to make changes or cancel directly in the conversation, allowing for real-time updates to the business’ calendar.

We are sure this is going to be a game-changer for Businesses in times to come.

Lead Generation and Qualification through Messenger ( F8 Facebook Messenger )

Messenger is going to make it easier for advertisers to run lead generation campaigns by adding a lead generation template directly into Ads Manager.

An automated question and answer flow will qualify the leads within Messenger and people will be able to input their answers easily with quick reply buttons.

Natural drop-off can be reduced with customized reminders and submitted leads can be accessed via manual downloads, CRM integration, or Pages Inbox.

This is one of the amazing update from F8 Facebook Messenger, this will lead to more meaningful conversions.

Facebook f8 messenger messaging feature

Easy Authentication

Messenger is soon going to launch the “Authentication of users capability” for businesses

This will allow businesses to transport their customers (who are already authenticated on the mobile app or website) into a Messenger thread and create a personalized experience.

Easy Authentication will complement the already existing account linking feature and will help businesses handle common care issues such as billing inquiries, refunds, and more.

Do let us know what you are about to do next with Facebook Messenger.

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