What is Digital marketing? Why is digital marketing important?

we know Digital marketing scope will have greater value in the future. Traditional markets were facing difficulty to find out their potential customers.  Digital marketing provides a great platform to promote products and services online.

 In this digital world, it has become easier to reach customers, who want to buy their products and service. Now people are searching on smartphones before buying any product or service. So all business owners want to go online and do digital marketing for their business.  Especially  B2B market and e-commerce market prefer to do digital marketing.

 Digital marketing future

In India digital marketing scope in the future is very wide. If you go back to history, TV and radio was the only  medium of entertainment for People. As of now people are using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter etc. Digital marketing has great potential for  every business  owner to grow their seal.



Digital marketing scope infuture

  Digital marketing using different technologies to optimize growth in the digital field. India’s digital market is already huge—it’s growing at a rate of 33% per year and has over 3 million users. That number will be continue to grow as people get access to new technology and devices. Here is a list , which will help you to understand why digital marketing is important in future. If you want tonight


1-Digital marketing help you to learn more and give you meaningful insight

 2- It help to identify real and  potential customer in actual time

 3- It provide actual and structural data in real time

 4- It helps to accrue more customers with less investment and timing(ROI)

 5- Create an audience based customer and market.

 6- It helps to reach your defined goal.

 7- marketing automation help you to run your business

 8- Direct communication with customer

 9- Create brand awareness among the people.

 10- Quick to assess and time saving.

 Scope of digital marketing in future

 Nowadays all the business owners try to do maximum business with minimum investment and time. Scope of digital marketing in the future is very vast. it needs more creativity ,tactics and strategy to become successful in this field. Most of the companies are using online platforms to reach their customers, increase seal and create brand awareness in the market.

 Organic search(SEO)

Do you know, that more than 65% of clicks come from organic search. Organic search traffic is very valuable and important for your website. It will increase your page authority and domain authority.

Paid search(SEM)

  We all know that, Paid search also known as pay per click. In search engine marketing, advertisers have to pay if someone clicks on their ads. In SEM,  there are different types of ADS like search ads , display ad and video Ads. A paid ads gives you a quick  result to get traffic and lead. Paid ads marketing has great potential to increase your seal to reach your target costumer.

 Social media marketing

 According to the survey in India, active users of social media are 4.20 billion.

 In social media marketing you have to promote your product and service on different platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. SMM is using social media to engage your audience to increase seals, drive website traffic and create brand awareness.

  Email marketing

 Email marketing is part of  digital marketing strategy to connect with your audience. In email marketing you have to send  marketing email to your subscriber, that will fit with your customer profile. Email marketing is a super way to generate leads and increase the seal. 

 Mobile marketing

 In mobile marketing, you have to send promotional sales Offer, Discount and voucher through SMS, mobile app and social media to promote your product and service. Mobile marketing has great potential to capture targeted audiences.  In India active unique mobile users are 5.22 billion and it will increase in future.

 Video marketing

  Through video marketing you can promote your product and service in different social media platforms such as YouTube, short video on Instagram, Facebook etc. Video marketing educated the audience about your brand and give valuable information.

 Content marketing

  In the digital marketing field content’ consider as king. In content marketing you have to create informative and user friendly content which provides proper knowledge about your product and service. 

 Webinars Marketing

 The main aim of webinar marketing is to create awareness about your brand and service by educating  the audience. According to the survey about 52% marketer hosting webinar to advertise their products and services.

 Podcast marketing

 Indeed Podcast marketing is a unique and informative audio content to reach your audience. The audience of podcasting has increased from the last 3 to 4 years and it is also  expected to increase in the coming years.

Professional blogger

 In this heretic world , everybody wants to spend some time with their loved one . By doing a digital marketing course , you can skill yourself to become a full or part time blogger. A  successful blogger can earn up to 10,000 dollars every month.

Omnichannel marketing

 In future omnichannel marketing will create a place where brands can access both online and offline markets to reach out to their potential customers. Through Omnichannel marketing business will be easier to cover the all market .This may use analytical data to create seamless  integration to improve customer experience.

 Artificial intelligence(AI)

According to the expert,  artificial intelligence will be the future of digital marketing. However, There are many AI tools used for copywriting, content writing, Ad copy, campaign optimization. Through, this AI tools marketer’s are able maximize their marketing strategy.

 Virtual reality and Augmented

 As we discuss the future scope  of digital marketing, I can definitely say that virtual reality and Augmented can bring drastic change in the field of digital marketing trends. Through this, companies can directly connect with customers for better user experience. Brands like Starbucks, Volkswagen, Nivea and many more use these technologies to improve customer experience with them.


 Digital marketing future is very bright in India. Businessmen are open to invest their money in promotion of their product and service. For this they are hiring agencies or appoint different marketing expertise to grow their business. 

 we can say that digital marketing scope in the future has great potential to cover all sectors of industries. With help of modern technology and automation ,we can see lots of changes in this field.







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