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This is a guest post by Zain Siddiqui who is a very well known digital marketing trainer in India, in this quiz he asked very good questions to the audience which will increase your knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

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A bad practice for designing landing pages is to:

1. Not placing web form or having a call to action
2. Split testing landing page features
3. Syncing your branding and narrative with the source of the traffic example Search ads
4. Focusing on USP of a single product or service

Which of the following is an Email marketing tool?

1. Mailduck
2. Mailduck
3. Mailchimp
4. Mailmonkey

A User Journey is:

1. The mapping of interactions of user with brand or product across all channels
2. The mapping of interactions of user with the brand or product only once he becomes a customer
3. The mapping of interactions of brand or product with the user only once the user becomes a customer
4. The path that user takes from his house to the retail store

It is a good practice to send all your social media fans to your website or product page through link posts or call to actions?

1. False
2. True

Which of the following is the best title for a blog on Digital Marketing?

1. Depends on what part of the user journey are you writing that content for
2. What is Digital Marketing?
3. How to learn Digital Marketing yourself?
4. Digital Marketing resources for dummies

A content plan allows us to:

1. Figure out brand voice
2. Monitor and schedule content across all our promotional channels
3. Monitor and schedule content for blog and email
4. Monitor and schedule content only on social media channels

We can set a re-marketing audience based on goals set in Google Analytics?

1. false
2. You cannot set it based on GA goals but on goals set in Google Ads
3. True

Search Ads can appear on 2nd page of search results also?

1. True
2. False

Which of these is not a type of size for Display Ads?

1. Skyscrapper
2. Wide Skyscrapper
3. Leaderboard
4. Tall box

What is Bounce Rate?

1. The percentage of site visitors who leave without triggering any event
2. The percentage of site visitors who leave after seeing any page
3. The percentage of site visitors who move from 1st page to 2nd page
4. The percentage of site visitors who leave after seeing contact us page

What Facebook tool do you use to track users on your website or application?

1. Jquery
2. Pixel
3. Analytics code
4. Ads manager

Which of these is not a factor that prevents our newsletter from landing in spam?

1. Length of the senders email ID
2. Personalizing the salutation in the content
3. Being added to mail contacts by receiver
4. Sending newsletters from same ID always
5. Trustworthiness of the senders mail server

Link juice is?

1. Google sends free surprise juice packets to SEO experts working on health domain websites
2. Potential SEO value of a link that influences user behavior on a site, page rank and domain rank
3. Potential SEO value of a link that influences page rank and domain rank
4. Potential SEO value of a link that influences domain rank

How is Search Ad rank calculated?

1. Quality score x bid price
2. Quality score x bid price + Preference to ads with ad extensions activated
3. Quality score only
4. Bid price only

Listing on Wikipedia is included in offsite SEO activity.

1. True
2. False

Using the word FREE in your subject line in a mailer helps increase open rates?

1. True
2. False

Onsite SEO does not include:

1. Keywords in Page title
2. Linking to relevant internal pages
3. Small size of images
4. Separate mention of Keywords in meta tags

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I am a trainer at Digital Vidya and conduct digital marketing workshops for startups and entrepreneurs. I am also co-founder of Wicked Broz which is India’s premier graffiti agency. Digital marketing is a doorway to success in all industries now and in the future. It is the one ring to rule them all. The one who digs the internet the deepest and collects the secret gems of insight from all his projects will be the master of this magic kingdom. Wicked Broz solves the problem of how to make a living as an artist in India. I help artists find graffiti and street art commissions, help them organize public art projects which popularize this movement across Indian cities. Favorite quote? - "I eat failures for breakfast" - Eric Ries Open to chat about digital marketing strategies and my favorite graffiti artists.

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