What is digital marketing?

Many experts say digital marketing job is a  recession-proof jobs. So first think about the digital marketing career path, before  choosing  any other career .First let’s talk about what is digital marketing ? Why is it important? Digital marketing refers to online marketing by which you can advertise your business by using a digital platform.

Now days , it is very important for every business owner to come online and seal their products. For that,  business owners require efficient agency and skill in digital marketing to boost the business. Nowadays, Digital marketing is taking the place of the traditional market. Digital marketing as a career path is one of the most demandable career option in India.

Different level of career path in digital marketing

Digital marketing career path

In order to get more customers with less investment, businesses are going digital. In digital marketing ,there is lots of scope and opportunity. If you want to start your career path in digital marketing , this blog helps you understand and will get clarity. Here is some different level of jobs profile in digital marketing

There are 3 level in digital marketing career path-

1- entry level 

2- Mid level

3- senior level

Search engine optimization(SEO)

 In Search engine optimization, you have to optimize your website structure , optimize content and keyword placement, on-page optimization to get ranking. The main aim of SEO is to display your website in the top 10 search engine result page SERP .

SEO is the most common way to get unpaid traffic to your website. SEO job roles have been very wide and diverse  in the last few years. Here are some of the top job profiles in SEO and their average salary. Search engine jobs are the most challenging jobs in the field of digital market. Now it will come to your mind, how much do SEO specialists earn. ?

In digital marketing ,salary are varies by location and industry

1-SEO intern (Entry level)

SEO intern also known as fresher in SEO field and they work on ground level. Usually ,they work under the supervision of an SEO executive. SEO interns are learning the period of their career path in the digital marketing field.

Average  monthly salary of a SEO trainee is 10k to 12k in India.

2- SEO executive(Mid level)

The main role and responsibility of an SEO executive is to work closely with the team to achieve targets. SEO executive is working on website traffic and rank on search engine result page. On other hand they also analyze the performance over the period.

Average monthly salary in India 15k -35 k depend on experience

3- SEO manager/Analyst( senior level)

The main responsibility  of the SEO manager/analyst is to execute the project with the help of the team, Rather than that, analyze the performance report and make strategy for the future. Mostly the SEO manager/ analyst guides the team  and makes decisions.

Average monthly salary in India 30- 90k depend on experience

Pay-per click marketing

Paid search also known as pay per click. In search engine marketing, advertisers have to pay if someone clicks on their ads. In SEM,  there are different types of ADS like search ads , display ad and video Ads. A paid ad gives you a quick  result to get traffic and lead. Paid ads marketing has great potential to increase your seal to reach your target customer. There are different levels of pay-per click jobs profile.

Search engine marketing specialist (Entry level)

Average salary in India is 30k to 1.5lakhs

 A search engine marketing specialist makes competitor analysis, and makes a list on which keywords their competitors are ranking.

Monitor click rate, bounce rate and lead generation etc. SEM specialty  do keyword research and prepare Ads copy for marketing .SEM specialist work under supervision of  digital marketing manager.

Digital marketing executive( mid level)

Role of a digital marketing executive is to assist the team to make digital marketing strategy.

 Manage and monitor social media marketing campaigns .

Update campaign success and provide insight into digital marketing efforts.

Manage partnerships with media houses and vendors.

Digital marketing manager(senior level)

The work of a digital marketing manager is to manage the overall company’s digital marketing campaign. Testing new digital platforms and tools.

Optimize digital market campaigns such as e digital media advertising, social media marketing, email marketing.

Track the real time consumer behavior by using different tools.

Social media marketing

 In social media marketing you have to promote your product and service on different platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. SMM is the use of social media to engage your audience to increase seals, drive website traffic and create brand awareness. The job profile of social media includes different levels.

 Social media trainee

The role of social media trainee required powerful communication and writing skills in the digital marketing career path. 

They should have basic knowledge for how to handle social media. For everyday posts they have to do competitor research.

Social media executive

 Social media executives need strong and clear communication skills and handle all social media of clients.

Make a social media calendar for every day post and generate content for the social media handle of the client. 

Social media manager

Role of a social media manager is to make strategies to increase followers and create brand value.

 Marketing and advertising the brand and creating audience engagement with unique content.

Email marketing

 Email marketing is a most powerful way for direct marketing and getting leads. Nowadays, most of the companies go through email marketing to reach their potential customers. For email marketing you need some good writing skills to attract customers. There are 3 level of job profile in email marketing-

1-Email marketing manager

2-Email marketing analyst

3-Email marketing coordinator

The annual average salary of email marketers are 4 lakh to 10 lakh base on profile

Content marketing

In content marketing you have to create a blog post for a website which gives the reader and user knowledge about the product and service.. You can also do content marketing in different fields to earn money online. Now in India content marketing jobs have high demand. There are some levels of content marketer.

 Entry level – At entry level with less than 1 year year experience, expected salary is 2-3 lakhs

Mid level– At mid level with 3-4 years experience can get 5- 6 lakhs 

Senior level– With experience of more than 4 years with good writing skills can get 8- 10 lakhs and more.

If you have good writing skills ,you can also do freelancing and earn money.

Skills required for digital marketing career path

Overall, we can say that digital marketing is a good path for career opportunity ,who want to pursue digital marketing. Digital marketing is a career that combines SEO, SEM, content marketing, creative designing, and much more. With this competitive world ,everybody wants to be an expert in a certain field. Here are some points ,which will help you to become skilled in digital marketing as a career. 

1- creativity and proper knowledge modern technology

2-Good communication and writing skill

3-Basic software and designing skills.

4- Data analytics and management skill

5- project leadership and problem solving

6- Using of different digital tools for marketing analysis

 As a fresher a question comes to your mind ,what skill is required for digital marketing

Besides, if you are a fresher ,want to  upskill yourself for a future digital marketing career path. In India ,there are lots of good institutions to boost your skill and knowledge for a digital marketing career. If you are a graduate and want to choose digital marketing as a career path, Below are some certification courses in digital marketing career.

Digital marketing master class

Social media master class

Paid marketing marketing class

Digital marketing kickstart

SEO masterclass




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