SEO Interview Question Quiz

What do the acronyms PA, DA, and PR stand for?

1. Page authority, domain authority, page rank
2. Page authority, domain age, page rank
3. Personal authority, domain authority, parked rename

Which of the following tactics can harm your search rankings?

1. Linking to your site from other websites
2. Adding navigation links to your page’s template
3. Using text that is the same color as your page’s background

What is anchor text?

1. It is the main body of text on a particular web page
2. It is the visible text that is hyperlinked to another page
3. The text within the left or top panel of a web page

What website provides details of search-engine-specific HTML markup that all major engines have agreed upon?


What does the term “fat head” refer to?

1. Search phrases over two words in length
2. Search phrases equal to or under two words in length
3. A really mean marketer

Which on-page element carries the most weight for SEO?

1. The meta keywords tag
2. The headers (H1, H2, H3, etc)
3. The title tag

A Hallway Page is used to:

1. Attract visitors straight onto the Hallway Page from the search engines
2. Enables search engine bots to index the Doorway Pages
3. Organizes the Doorway Pages

Which of these factors will affect your ranking for local-focused queries?

1. A crawlable, correctly formatted address on your website
2. The location of your website’s server
3. The number of Facebook fans you have in the area

The number of characters recommended for Title Tag?

1. 35
2. 160
3. 70

Which form of redirect/meta tag will transfer the most authority to the directed page?

1. 302
2. Canonical
3. 301

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SEO Interview Question Quiz

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