Why digital marketing & how can you use it to make a career in India

Why do we choose a career in digital marketing in India nowadays? There are many reasons to discuss this topic before starting your career in digital marketing. After cover-19 there’s many changes in marketing strategy like companies going online and  promoting their product and service.

 people prefer to buy their product and service online. That’s why it creates a connection between consumer and marketer. To make this connection more strong we should Upskill our self to in field of digital marketing.

(Career in Digital marketing is one of the 5th demandable skill in world )

If you want  career in Digital marketing in India and grow your business, for that you have to first learn how effectively we can grow our business by upskilling yourself by taking  course from a renowned institution

In India there is lots of good d institution , Which provide both online and offline course for beginners .Those who want to make career in digital marketing fields .Before jump in a conclusion first you have to know why you should choose career in digital marketing in India   Here are some reasons  which help you to build your career.

 Reasons to choose career in digital marketing in India

Vast career scope in digital marketing career in India

According to the research, a digital marketing job is  one of the most demandable jobs in the industry. Most companies are going online, they need good market researchers who can boost their business. In the initial career of digital marketing jobs you can earn 15k-20k per month in India. It’s a good amount for a beginner to start their career. 


 Digital marketing jobs  in India  (2023) 

Career in digital marketing in

     Naukri.com      78668  

       Times job      204909  

      shine jobs       23693                                                               


The best part is that you can demand more according to your  expertise, talent and creativity. For that reason you can choose digital marketing as a career without any second thoughts.

Fastest growing  marketing industry

Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry. It offers great potential to those with the right skills, as it encompasses so many different aspects of online advertising and marketing. In order to become successful in digital marketing, you need to have an understanding of the latest trends, be creative and possess excellent communication skills. With the right amount of dedication and hard work, you can build a strong career in digital marketing that is both rewarding and profitable.

career in digital marketing in Indiasource-IIDE 

Scope of freelancing in digital marketing career

In today’s date Indian jobs are very heretical and they did not get any time to spend their time with their family. For that reason digital marketing as a career in India is very much suitable and demandable.

If you get bored of your  9-5 bounded jobs, it is a great opportunity for those who want to take digital marketing as a career and freelancing. You can start your jobs from anywhere in the world, without any time limit. Digital marketing jobs really help those who travel while working and adjust their time accordingly 

It gives you an opportunity to live your life according to your size. So it is considered one of the  smooth and comfortable times to start your profession. You can start your blogging and video graphic by doing digital marketing as a career to earn money online.

No Technical education is required for this course

 By the name of technical, many students get scared. Hold on but in a digital marketing career nothing technical is required. You have seen so many industry specific educational degrees required for doing any jobs but in digital marketing , you don’t need any specific educational degree to pursue this course.

Digital marketing is not a rocket science only you have to  do to enroll in a good institution for a certification course. Otherwise, the internet is a good source to educate you about digital marketing courses but for practical knowledge you have to enroll in a good academy. Both offline and online options are available .Digital marketing gives you a  very good chance to build your career in the field of digital marketing.

Good chance to restart your career in digital marketing

Digital marketing is the best course  for the best career opportunity in India. Now days many businesses go online because they need digital market expertise. If you have skill or opportunity you can enroll in a digital marketing certification course and learn digital marketing.

 There is vast scope in the field of digital marketing for those who restart their career and want to give financial support for their family. As i  have seen many women who want to work  part time in many fields but did not get any opportunity, but digital marketing give that opportunity to them and makes them self depended.

  Opportunity to boost your creativity

Career in digital marketing creates in India opportunities in every field of industry which are working in different fields. If you choose digital marketing as a career you get scope to work with different fields of industry.

You can apply your creativity, skill and strategy in graphic designing, copywriting, and promotional banner to attract customers.

Career in digital marketing  gives you the opportunity to work  in different projects that gives you more exposure to know the industry very well.

How to start successful career in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is not a limited career, its vast area to exposure. There are many digital marketing careers where the average salary is very good.

Digital marketing career in India
Average salary digital marketing in India


 Digital marketing manager 

Digital marketing manager is one who manages all your digital marketing activities and leads the team. .For a digital marketing manager post you have to need at least 7+ experience in this field. As a  manager he makes digital marketing strategies and proposals to implement for the growth of the company. They are managing and supervising overall marketing of a company and give suggestions for better marketing plans to the team.

SEO- search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization is the process by which you can boost your website through organic traffic and it’s a long term process by effectively working without investing much money. for search engine optimization job is

 Social media marketing

 In social media marketing you can do branding and selling your product through facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and other social media platforms.

For this agency or company to hire a social media manager or executive to boost their branding value and make social media strategy, create campaigns and design.

 SEM-Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing  includes things like Facebook ad, google ad , Pay per click etc . SEM is part of digital marketing where you can bring traffic to your website through a paid marketing campaign. It is a short term process which gives you quick results .

  Content writing In content marketing you have to create a blog post for a website which gives the reader and user knowledge about the product and service of your brand. You can also do content marketing in different fields to earn money online.

Copywriting   Copywriting  needs strong writing skill .As you know digital marketing is a promising industry to grow your business. In copywriting you have to write a unique copy for your company to sell and market.


India is one of the fastest growing countries in the field of digital marketing. Most of the investor and startup companies are  starting their business in India. To grow their business in India they need an online platform. 

 For business growth they need marketing exports, who help them to boost their business. If you want to get into a career in digital marketing in India, you need to upskill your self.  In India, the skill of a digital marketer is less compared to other countries, so it is the best time to enroll in a good institution.

Here are some course names which help you to build your career.

Digital marketing master class

Social media master class

Paid marketing marketing class

Digital marketing kickstart

SEO masterclass

Hope this article helps you to understand the details about career in digital marketing in India. .Good luck.



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