E-mail marketing is not dead; it won’t be either, only the way will change. And yes, Google knows this better than us. Emails have become a quintessential part of our everyday life. No matter how advanced we get, how much more we develop, a few things just can’t be replaced. Email is one of them. A new enhancement is released by Google to make emails faster, dynamic and much more engaging especially for mobile users by introducing AMP, i.e. Accelerated Mobile Pages in Email.

Need for AMP

There has been a lot of development in terms of websites and businesses coming online in the last few years. Better technologies, Better frameworks & indeed better developers. All these webmasters and their teams have been trying their best to optimize their website to the best, to provide content as soon as possible. But, sadly, All of these efforts are not good enough to turn these websites into quick and satisfying experiences. Sometimes sites are too slow that you can’t even scroll.  Blame those extra javascript of your chat plugin or the analytics one. Sadly, these sure snatch the time out of your consumer attention span and kill his/her phone’s battery.

How does AMP solve this?

The point at this moment to be noted is that even publishers don’t want their users to go through this kind of experience. So, Again, Google came to our rescue by providing us with AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages, in short AMP  drastically improve the performance and speed of your page. It just feels like instant, boom!

AMP is just a simple static HTML website with a couple of restrictions, protocols & a few extras deployed on a high-speed server network called a CDN or Content Delivery Network. AMP already provides you with something like a honey maze in which you have to fill the honey or content, rest your page will be optimized on its own. In search results, your AMP pages will be shown with a thunderbolt sign on mobile devices. You can quickly implement it along with your website. To know how; comment below, and we will post a step by step tutorial for the same.

AMP for Emails – The Latest Addition by Google

Just like kissing awake marketers who had given up on emails, this move can be revolutionary. Let’s understand how.

You must be aware that HTML is the language of the web which means whatever you browse through your web browser is made up of HTML; be it your websites or your emails. Now, Google has taken the pain to optimize them. When using Gmail, your emails are already on high powered google servers. To make your mail communication better, you need to do is to optimize the HTML content of your mail, and that’s what exactly Google did by introducing AMP for emails. All you need to do is the same as you did while implementing AMP for your websites. This enhancement could increase the ROI on your email campaigns and can raise a significant number on your balance sheet.

AMP For Gmail
AMP For Gmail

What’s going to change in emails

Apart from your emails getting opened in a split second. You will have an extensive library of supercool components which will increase engagement and make it more dynamic for the user without leaving the mailbox.  Few effective elements would be a carousel, form, list to start with. These elements will help the content to be up to date and also will create more actionable email experiences. The AMP for Email spec is available here and will be supported in Gmail later this year.

If you are already not working on creating a kickass AMP email marketing plan, then hurry up!

Don’t forget to comment if you want a guide on implementing AMP. Do let us know your concerns and problems regarding AMP. Keep UppSkilling because #RuknaTohHaiHiNahi



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