Google Keyword Planner would be the first tool for any digital marketer to get in touch with. When a person comes in digital marketing, SEO is usually the first thing to learn. And out of three major parts of SEO, The first step is always “Keyword Research”. No doubt, Google Keyword Planner is nothing less than AK 47 but there is always a room for more improvement. Google has again proved that they seriously think about their customer’s feedback, and have declared an upgrade in our arsenal. Let’s see what all additions have been announced and how can we get benefit from them.

This upgrade is majorly based on 6 points, Let’s go through them one by one.

  1. More Seed Keywords:- So, now you have 10 bullets to hunt down new ideas. The limit for seed keywords is now increased to 10. This is surely going to help in brainstorming new ideas for creating a solid marketing strategy. This will also reduce the time you spent in generating keywords. 
  2. Grouped Ideas:- Very often when we are generating new ideas, we get carried away by our thinking which sometimes is irrelevant and leads to a loss of money if doing paid marketing, and loss in efforts if you are doing it for SEO. This would now create groups for your keywords and will help you to get more relevant keywords,  and making your research more foolproof. 
  3. Keyword Trends:- Be it IIT-JEE or even if it stocks, Trends are always an integral part. The same goes for Keywords too. When you have the trend of past months for any individual keyword. This is certainly going to help a lot in making the keyword-wise decision. 
  4. Save an idea to an existing campaign:- By this you will be able to add an idea to an existing campaign and ad group from the drop-down. This will enable you to be more dynamic & swift. The task of adding new ideas will make advertisers work easy. 
  5. Suggested Budget:- This would be the second update from Google regarding the budget. Before this, Google added this sort of feature for gaming ads where Google’s machine learning will optimize your bids. This clearly shows that people at Google wants marketers to put the money in the right place to get the maximum results possible. 
  6. Competition Value Column:- Competition analysis is one of the things which can convert from a good digital marketer to a great Digital Marketer. With this upgrade, you will be able to get more granular competition ranking across keyword ideas. This could be a key factor in coming future because getting a mathematical value is much more helpful than just words like “Low”, “High” etc. For making decisions to understanding competition in a better way this is surely going to be very useful. 

    This is it. Your arsenal is hereby officially upgraded. It time to test and prepare yourself for the war. Till then, Stay tuned and keep Uppskilling each other because #RuknaTohHaiHiNahi 



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